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Effective management of your portfolio emissions requires tools, data and insight

ZFolio is the only platform that provides everything you need to measure and effectively manage your financed emissions.


Zfolio is the first net-zero portfolio emissions management platform

With our software, you don’t need climate change experts or data scientists. We make it easy to calculate, understand, and disclose information about your emissions. But the software goes further than that: it also helps you predict and control changes to your emissions as best practices, investments, and stakeholder requirements change.

Managing financed emissions is complex and the requirements are changing rapidly. Our platform is designed to manage uncertainty in methodology, control regulatory and reputational risk, and minimize undesirable impacts on portfolio structure. Our flexible analytics engine and data framework helps you achieve your GHG reduction goals while improving data quality scores and increasing your asset coverage.


Save time, money, and align your investment strategies with climate change targets over time.

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